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Guardianships In Washington State

When an individual is unable to make financial or medical decisions on his or her own, it might be necessary to seek the appointment of a guardian through the court. In these situations, a guardian will gain the authority to make decisions through the power of the court. Unfortunately, these proceedings can be lengthy and surrounded by family disagreements. Look to Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA) to guide you through this process.

When Should I Establish Guardianship?

There are several reasons why an individual might need the help and guidance of a guardian, including:

  • Underage: A minor child who has lost his or her parents will need help making financial decisions as well as life choices regarding such matters as education and medical care.
  • Physical incapacitation: When an injury or illness leaves an individual in a coma, for example, he or she will need a proxy to make decisions. A guardian fills this role.
  • Mental incapacitation: In much the same way as physical incapacitation, if an individual loses the ability to clearly think and make decisions due to dementia or Alzheimer's, a guardian must be appointed to make decisions in his or her place.

To determine what course of action is best in your unique situation, contact a skilled attorney today. Through a confidential consultation, our lawyers can listen to the facts of your dilemma and provide an honest assessment of your best course of action.

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